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Frame machines

We utilize the factory specified frame machines to restore your vehicle. Our facility has professional grade frame machines allowing a safe and secure repair process for any vehicle we operate on. Our frame machines include:

  • 1 Car O liner Evo 3D Electronic Measuring System


We use the highest quality welders in the market to ensure structural repair quality. Our professional grade welders include:

  • 1 Pro Spot Smart Mig SP-5

Paint booths

Titan Downdraft is the ultimate in spray booth technology and high speed finishing production. We only use environmentally friendly paint systems authorized by vehicle manufacturers.

  • 1 Titan Downdraft Paint Booth

  • 1 Pro Spot I4S (Squeeze Type Resistant)

Rivet Guns


Our pro rivet guns, also known as a pneumatic hammer, are of the highest quality here at Renzo's. Our rivet guns include:

  • 1 Pro Spot PR-5 Riveter

  •  2 Car O Liners
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